Ursula Byzdra
Cellist Ursula usually gives solo recitals. She is known for her powerful performance of the greatest musical work after J. S. Bach's Six Suites for Cello Solo, that is Solo Sonata op. 8 by Z. Kodaly. She also plays her own pieces inspirated by folk music, most often originating from the Karpathian Mountains. Other sources of inspiration include the philosophies of Masaru Emoto and St Hildegarda from Bingen. In Ursula's repertoire we can find almost all chamber music for duo with piano, as well as many cello concertos. 
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Giuseppe Chiaramonte

Giuseppe Chiaramonte is an Italian classical guitar concert artist. Several times acclaimed as "the poet of the guitar" for his passionate and expressive performances, he plays a repertoire spanning from Renaissance to Contemporary Music, with a special focus on piano-inspired music of the romantic composer Johann Kaspar Mertz. His interpretations are supported by a flawless and innovative technique he has given many seminars about, which leads to a refined timbre appreciated by some of the world’s  greatest representatives of classical guitar.

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Tomasz Krawczyk
Tomasz Krawczyk finds himself best in solo piano repertoire. As a very young pianist fascinated by Chopin he started performing his own compositions in a romantic style, which was greeted with enthusiastic applause. One of his best works includes Love Fantasy for piano and orchestra. He is also a great chamber musician who composes his own pieces. Tomasz teaches as well at school and university.
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